15 Tips on How to Grow Your Social Influence

Why Social is all about Participating, Engaging and Expanding

Here`s my top 15 social tips for beginners and those who feel that their digital influence is not growing fast enough. It is not a surprise that all of them have in common that social is all about participating, engaging and expanding.

  1. Start exactly now with joining at least Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and GooglePlus!
  2. Update all your social profiles to a high standard, including a picture and a bio.
  3. Follow back engaging people and connect interesting people you know
  4. Reward yourself with mobility and extra social time through an Ipad
  5. Give first, rather than expecting something, be generous with likes and positive engagement
  6. Become an open networker or LION on LinkedIn that confirms invites from social people
  7. Share updates in public like on LinkedIn and Twitter or pictures on Google Plus and Facebook
  8. Visit my Appearoo page and add me as a contact, while creating your own page
  9. Join Klout, Instagram and Empire Avenue, the most supportive social communities
  10. Expand fast on Google Plus until you follow 5000 people, as many will follow you back
  11. Grow Twitter by following new people and share interesting content which gets retweeted
  12. Create a WordPress blog and a place in the internet which belongs to you like Michal Hyatt
  13. Replicate a similar or better version of this post on your own blog referring to this post.
  14. Fun matters most and the ROE or return on engagement will follow!
  15. Use your gained influence to promote peace, equality and sustainability for the planet.


Comment below if you commit! Thanks for sharing and stopping by. I am honored.

Please note: I reserve the right to delete comments that are offensive or off-topic.

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  • Great list, though I am not a fan of auto following on LinkedIn.

    Thanks from Germany

    Hansjörg Leichsenring


    • I agree Hansjoerg, I only add real people, however on Linkedin I did not meet any Spam accounts so far and they seem to manage it quiet well, as a profile needs lots of information, basically to much for spam bots.

  • Daniel, great that you’ve started blogging.

    Super design and well structured! The claim “Since C64 helping to get the best out of it” made me smile. Wondering what younger people will understand when reading it – but excellent positioning.

    What I don’t like is that I can’t follow your blog with my WordPress account. Re-blogging get’s difficulter due to that. Maybe for future improvement.

    So, keep on blogging! 🙂

    Roger Koplenig
    http://XeeMe.com/RogerKoplenig (my social sig)

    • Roger

      Your feedback and comments are strongly appreciated and it means something coming from you, as your blog inspired me to do my own blog.
      I will add all requested feature on the next weekend, while the share bar is active. As its a self hosted wordpress blog, not a wordpress.com blog, but I just added a button to share over buffer, which allows to share everywhere, while sharing on Linkedin, Facebook, Google+ and Twitter should already work.
      Have a great week and thank you for stopping by and I try to add more sharing options soon.

      PS: I got my first C64 around the age of 10, thus since C64.


      • Really Daniel, my blog inspired you to get started here? Great to hear, thank you! Maybe you would like to re-blog one of my posts? Shameless, I know 😉 But, seriously – would be definitely an honour to be published on your blog.

        May I add another suggestion? It would be helpful if visitors who comment here, had the opportunity to choose whether they would like to get a notification by e-mail when their comment got a reply.

        Expect your post on my blog soon.

        Have a great weekend!


        • Thanks Roger and will do. Just not clear to me, did you get for every comment in the blog a notification or only when I replied to you or none at all?

          • Daniel, I got none, that’s the issue.

            • Thank you Roger. As discussed, I soon extend to Jetpack comments, that allow the requested functionality. However longterm I may want to migrate to Disqus, which allows ever more engagement around a post in combination with turning jetpack off again. Thank you for making this point, I could live experience on your great blog!!!

  • Excellent pointers. I love how you put this step by step as this is the way to start spreading your influence through social media.

    • Thank you Miriam, really honored by your comment, considering the very high social influence you have. Thank you for stopping by!

    • Thank you Miriam, coming from you this is special.

  • Jürgen Herrmann

    That is a really good list, well done Daniel!

    • Thank you Juergen for your comment and I did not expect that many comments. I wish you a great weekend.


    Lets use social media to build a sustainable global society founded on respect for nature, universal human rights, economic justice, and a culture of peace.

    • Thank you Hans and I cannot agree more. I will embeed in each blog post seeds of sustainability, which hopefully grow on in each person, that visits!

  • Daniel, Looks like you did an awesome job putting this together. You first post is right on the money. I’ve never been one to use LION on LinkedIn, but I remain open minded. I look forward to learning more over the weeks ahead. What’s this about an auto follow option for LinkedIn, I’m clueless on that one. Also, is the a place where we can actually sign up for something like updates to the blog?

    • Steven, amazing to have you as a visitor, but there is no Linkedin auto-follow feature, I am aware of, I only meant to become a trully open networker. Thank you for your inspiring comments and for your great company. I suggest every visitor should follow you on G+ and Facebook for the quality engagement, support and great pictures!

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  • Jose Daniel Castillo

    Excellent!! your first post is wonderful, it gives me the necessary push to make my blog, the greatest successes!! Thanks Daniel.

    • Thank you Jose, looking forward to see your Blog!!! I am writing on my next post and will add some functions suggested by visitors over the weekend. Have a great weekend.

  • Great start! And, inspirational.

    • Thank you Phil. Happy it came across inspirational!!! Have a great weekend!!!

  • Great Article! Loads of information and tips, Brilliant!

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  • Gordon Gower

    Here we go! Thanks for the tips!

    • Thank you Gordon for leaving a comment! Have a great week!

  • Informative Blog Article with specific action steps and tips!