How to Stay Balanced and Inspired in Leadership

If you are anything like me, you’re already thinking about the year ahead and how to improve the effectiveness of your leadership. But there are factors we might frequently overlook but are largely indispensable like making sure to take the necessary steps to stay balanced and inspired.

As a leader, staying balanced and inspired directly affects the impact of your leadership and ability to influence change and progress towards desired goals. I have witnessed this countless times. To be an effective leader, you have to stay balanced and inspired but how?

And I know about this first hand because there have been times when I was out of balance, when I didn’t feel at best or felt that it was more difficult to make meaningful progress towards my goals and dreams. And I don’t like that but noticed that if you’re healthy but out of balance it’s usually either because you may need regeneration or you need more inspiration or even both together.

In this blog post and the YouTube video I just released I talk about a couple of routines that I’ve developed over the years, feel free to modify them, but they worked for me and they could work for you and it has these elements:

1) Exercise!
This usually brings me back into balance in minutes and is also healthy while I burn calories and stress. In addition I tend to get the best thoughts and ideas during running or swimming. In fact the idea for this video and blog post was born on my last Sunday afternoon run.

2) Listen to Music!
I usually use Spotify which gives me access to all my favorite songs and plenty of themed playlists. Maybe I need calming music to write or recharge my batteries. Maybe I need uplifting music to exercise or get into the right mindset but it almost never fails to relax or inspire me.

3) Drink and Eat Healthy!
I found that it works best for me not to eat large meals during the day while making sure I do not eat anything in the late evening or during the night. This is critical for me so my body and digestion can fully rest during the night. Lately I mostly dropped sugar and alcohol out of my diet while I enjoy instead everyday self made colorful fruit and vegetable juices which make me feel energized and also taste amazing. I also follow a strictly vegan and vegetarian diet and prefer to eat at places that are listed and reviewed on the HappyCow app or website which lists the best vegetarian restaurants around the globe near your current location.

4) Quality Night Sleep and Relaxation!
I try to go to bed around midnight while I stop drinking coffee in mid afternoon and try not to eat in the late evening and especially during the night. If it’s noisy like on travels I always use earplugs or I ask for a more quiet room but if for some reason I do not get sufficient sleep, I found that one or two breaks during the day can really help to bring my energy levels back and to get me relaxed again. Good examples are a quick power nap over lunch or to lie down with music or a guided meditation in the early evening.

5) Intentional Goal Setting!
It works best for me if I break down all my life and work goals into lots of small steps or routines. To manage my progress I schedule and track all goals and next steps in an app which I then synch across all my devices. Of course there are many other ways of managing our time and progress towards our goals but I found that intentional goal setting really helps me to stay on track while each small step towards my dreams both relaxes and inspires me.

6) Getting Inspired!
This is all about getting ready to move beyond my comfort zones. Often I simply read or listen to a good book, a powerful speech, an authentic podcast or a motivational YouTube video. To get inspired I also found that reading is leading where I use social media and the RSS Reader Feedly to flip through the most relevant magazines or blogs which interest and inspire me most. Lastly if there is a good weather forecast for the weekend I always try to visit a beautiful place with my camera, where I found that stunning views from on top of hills or mountains, medieval cities or simply pure nature like for example a huge waterfall work best for me. I then share these impressions over social media which never fails to keep me inspired for weeks.

7) Stretching Out of Comfort Zones!
This will apply when you are truly balanced, which means you are relaxed and inspired. Here I found than making meaningful progress towards my goals is possible and almost follows naturally after we get started and if we do not allow ourselves to be distracted. If maintained over a couple of days it is likely that the momentum accelerates further beyond of what we thought of being capable of. It is ideal for productive, creative or even transformational work like writing, enabling personal and organization growth or simply delivering a transformational workshop or speech.

If you’ll do these seven steps you are more balanced and inspired as a leader which means you are more likely to create and attract success and to move naturally towards your goals and maybe even beyond them. If you enjoyed this blog post, if you found it helpful, you can comment below or even share what works best for you to stay in balance? Also if you liked this blog post, make sure to subscribe to my blog and also watch this animated video I made for you about it.

Please note: I reserve the right to delete comments that are offensive or off-topic.

  • What a great video, Daniel. You are very creative!

    • Thank you Skip for passing by and leaving a comment! Have a great week!

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    Wonderful Daniel. Thank you so much for the great advice. (Jaie Hart)

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