How to grow Followers, Klout Score and Social Influence

My Story on How I got Started with Growing Social Influence

A few days ago 2013 has rolled over to 2014 and it’s that time of the year again, where people are much more open to embrace new things. Recently, a friend asked me, “So how did you get started with growing social influence?” It’s a question I get at least a few times a month, so I thought it`s a perfect topic to finally make my first video ever, as I said I would do a few weeks ago.

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  • Very useful post

    • Thank you @mithuhassan:disqus of course I included Empire Avenue in it, as one of the most social communities!

  • Christine Donalies

    Great points and right to the heart of the subject Daniel~

    • Thank you so much Christine for passing by and leaving an inspiring comment!

  • BluesBro

    Nice one Daniel, I’ve often talked and written about those micro moments that are otherwise wasted time, engagement is also a major key. The other one for me is telling stories. Keep up the good work and yes Empire Ave is a favorite for me and of of course how I found your blog:)

    • Thank you BluesBro for passing by and agree that the Empire Avenue community rocks!