How to get more likes, followers and retweets by sharing pictures

Almost everyone has some form of reason why they join the social world initially. Maybe it’s promoting their blog, networking for work or simply staying informed and involved with trends and friends. This is how I got started and you can share your reasons at the end of the post.

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Like most non-celebrities I didn’t get much engagement out of it initially, but it was enough to keep me motivated to learn more about it. Fast forward to today I get vivid engagement, while my reach has grown to 30k followers in a year. Today whenever I speak on the topic of Social, a question I often get in the Q&A is this:

What is an easy and quick way to grow my followers and engagement initially?

In my experience one of the easiest and fastest ways to grow the level of followers and engagement is sharing your self-made photography like I do on Instagram. Here are seven reasons why this should work out as an initial strategy:

  1. It does not matter how busy you are or that possibly you could not add one more thing to your schedule, as taking and sharing a self-made picture takes less than 5 minutes.
  2. If your viewers click on the like, share or retweet button, you will reach more audience and stay much longer in the upper area of the timeline. You can check my entire social presence with the links in this blog or over my Xeeme page or you can add me everywhere.
  3. For example, if you share a self-made picture with a short text to Facebook, Google+, Instagram and Twitter, it will allow you to be noticed much faster, as unlike links, videos and articles, a picture can be noticed in less than a second.
  4. We all know, that a self-made picture is authentic and has the ability to tell more than a thousand words. Watch this Social Revolution video on Youtube.
  5. In addition most social networks like Facebook, Google+, Instagram and even Twitter give pictures much more visibility space than any text or link based sharing. Social photography is my single biggest source of authentic engagement. That’s why I believe it should be part of a good social strategy and is likely to help you achieve your other objectives.
  6. In addition over the years I saw hundreds of excellent articles that have not been read by more than a dozen people, because of insufficient followers and engagement. The reason I write this blog post is to encourage you to share good pictures like about our natural and cultural heritage, which also promotes the creation of a more sustainable planet.
  7. In conclusion, on average I get at least 500 likes per pictures on Instagram and about 100 engagements from the other networks, which made it for me much easier to get 5000 page views since putting my blog live last week and I trully believe that everyone can do this.

You can now comment with the market leading Disqus system, including on your reasons for being social and if you comit to sharing some of your own pictures with the world ? If you enjoyed it, I also suggest you read and share my first post on Social Tips to Grow Followers, Klout score and Real Influence. I am working on a landing page to personally thank the most active promoters. You can now also use the advanced subscription feature I implemented in the widget on the right side. Thanks for stopping by and sharing! I am honored.

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  • TiaanJonker

    Thanks Daniel!

    • Daniel Bachmann

      Tiaan, you are very welcome and thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment!

  • Akinyi Adongo

    Great tips Daniel, pictures make all the difference… Thanks for following me on Disqus :-)

  • Amanda Hoffmann

    Great article! How long did it take for you to achieve 30k followers? This is an awesome achievement. Do you link them to an email list?

    • Daniel Bachmann

      Amanda thank you for your comment. I really only started with blogging 2 weeks ago, before I focussed on building my social presence. On social I became much more active over the last 15 month, so I gained about 2k followers a month, which may include dublications, if somebody follows me on several networks. Currently however the blog means most to me and I am honored that an experienced blogger like yourself passes by. My email list only includes a few names, but you are very welcome to subscribe, while you can unsubscribe anytime!

  • Deanna

    Great post. I really enjoyed it. I look forward to more posts from you.

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  • Ivana

    This is awesome, I normally don’t look much at stuff from EA, but when I got here, you got my attention and I ended up reading the whole article. A very good read, and very recommended.

    • Daniel Bachmann

      Thank you Ivana for your comment and recommending the article. Have a great week!