Hello, my name is Daniel Bachmann, and I’m an award winning blogger, a technology geek and a business leader. I was recognized as the most influential person on the web in Switzerland.

This is my personal blog where I share my journey and experiences with you. My goal is to create insightful and relevant content that you can put to work in your personal and professional life.

If you want to live a good life and succeed online and beyond, you are in the right place.

To that end, I write on personal development, productivity, leadership and online influence. Under “the good life” I write about stuff that doesn’t fit neatly into one of these categories like on how to live more pleasantly.

Due to my tight work schedule, my posting schedule will vary. To make sure you don’t miss my newest posts, you can subscribe via the widget on the right. It’s quick, easy, and you can unsubscribe at any time.

For further details you could visit the “Work With Me” page on this blog. Thank you for visiting and please let me know anytime, if there are specific topics you want me to write about!

Please note: I reserve the right to delete comments that are offensive or off-topic.

  • Thanks for sharing your story, Daniel!

    • Thank you @adm123:disqus amazing to have a story teller like you truly are pass by on my blog, which I never expected!

  • Congratulations on your social presence and your blog. I’m sure you will find it helps you develop as much as you help others. All best wishes!