How to Stay Balanced and Inspired in Leadership

And Why This Matters in Leadership of the 21st Century

If you are anything like me, you’re already thinking about the year ahead and how to improve the effectiveness of your leadership. But there are factors we might frequently overlook but are largely indispensable like making sure to take the necessary steps to stay balanced and inspired.

As a leader, staying balanced and inspired directly affects the impact of your leadership and ability to influence change and progress towards desired goals. I have witnessed this countless times. To be an effective leader, you have to stay balanced and inspired but how?

Don`t miss the FIFA World Cup 2014 on Twitter

Enjoy your Favorite Events on Social Media with this Guide

Spring has finally rolled over to Summer and the FIFA World Cup 2014 in Brazil is that time again where all come together to celebrate the most widely viewed and followed sporting event in the world, well ahead of the Olympics. The fact that sport has the power to bring almost the entire world together was shown in 2006 when more than 30 billion viewers in 214 countries watched the World Cup on television while more than 3 Mio attended inside the stadiums.

Just take a few seconds to imagine for each fan in the stadium about 10`000 people in front of a screen, where many of them may want to express their emotions, support their team or exchange opinions on goals, referee decisions and what happens in the match over channels like social media and participating has become easier than ever with this guide.

How to Enable the Mobile and Social Enterprise

Focus Areas in Mobile and Social to Outperform Peers and Markets

Most organizations, communities and individuals are likely to struggle with this or get simply overwhelmed by the massive amount of transformational forces at work. They know they should become more social, agile or mobile, but they are not sure how to get the best out of it.

Why is that? In my view there are 4 key reasons for this that may not always get sufficient focus.

Why Social Leaders are Key to Stay in Business

5 Reasons Why You Need a Social Leadership Team in the 21st Century

Have you ever felt that outward engagement does not necessarily come natural to individuals, teams and organizations? It’s almost like people are resisting it while being concerned about their own comfort zones and privacy? Or even leaders do not embrace social as an opportunity to increase integration and engagement but instead hesitate and do not make it a priority?

You’re not alone in this, most organizations or communities are facing this challenge while they become increasingly aware that social engagement is the key to survive the 21th century as it naturally leads to essential insights, ideas, trust, motivation and talent!

How Social SEO Creates Viral Blogs

3 Essential Steps to Get More Visitors on your Blog

Recently after discussing my blog’s traffic with a colleague I was asked a great coaching question: “What’s your personal 2014 blogging goal?” and it did not take me long to commit to take action in 2014 to finally unlock the full potential of SEO for my blog.

The challenge is that currently my social reach of 50k followers creates most of the traffic for my blog posts and attracts more than 80% of my visitors. Here’s how I am going to improve my blog’s return from SEO.

How to become a Social Leader in your Industry

Why it`s still Possible to get ahead of Competition and Lead Social in your Industry

About once a week I get asked by someone who wants to know how to turn an organisation into a social leader in their industry. Maybe marketing and sales channels did not meet the expectations or they are looking for ways to improve products, client centricity and engagement to grow further, faster. Regardless, they are not quite sure how to lead well in this kind of situation.

After months of research and learning from other really social people, I concluded that one of the first major steps in becoming a social leader in your industry is to hire a really authentic social leader into a key role of the organisation like directly under the c-level. Here’s why this is likely to outperform approaches driven by the traditional leadership team, less socially eminent people or lots of tool and marketing investments to sponsor, measure or manage the external social presence.

How to grow Followers, Klout Score and Social Influence

My Story on How I got Started with Growing Social Influence

A few days ago 2013 has rolled over to 2014 and it’s that time of the year again, where people are much more open to embrace new things. Recently, a friend asked me, “So how did you get started with growing social influence?” It’s a question I get at least a few times a month, so I thought it`s a perfect topic to finally make my first video ever, as I said I would do a few weeks ago.

If you enjoyed this video, if you found it helpful, feel free to leave a comment or to use it to evangelise others, like it on Youtube and share it with your followers. Thanks for passing by on my personal blog!

Why Switzerland Attracts Talent, Employers, Tourists and Families

Here are my Top Ten Reasons to Consider Switzerland as a Tourist, Employee or Investor

Over the last 3 years, I got asked many times, ” Why did you move back to Switzerland and is it a good place to work?” It’s a question I get at least once a week, so I simply had to share my answer and gratitude in a blog post which hopefully inspires readers to share it, visit us or to expand business into Switzerland, as a gateway to Europe!

Here are my top ten reasons to consider Switzerland as a tourist, employee or investor. These might also come in handy in promoting Switzerland to corporations and families that intend to visit or relocate.

How a Blog Grows your Social Influence, Reach and Engagement

My Top 7 Reasons On Why to Create Your Own Personal Blog

I started engaging socially a little over 18 month ago. It has become a regular part of my daily routine before and after work. It has helped me to grow my personal and professional network, to learn from others and to discover my creative side through new hobbies like photography.

About 1 month ago the idea of creating a personal blog truly resonated with me as a writer that wanted customization beyond 140 characters in order to provide more value to the digital community. In addition since launching my blog 20 days ago, I discovered so many additional benefits of blogging, so I had to share my top 7 reasons why to create your own personal blog.

How to get more Likes, Followers and Retweets by Sharing Pictures

What is a Quick and Easy Way to Grow Your Followers and Engagement initially?

Almost everyone has some form of reason why they join the social world initially. Maybe it’s promoting their blog, networking for work or simply staying informed and involved with trends and friends. This is how I got started and you can share your reasons at the end of the post.

Like most non-celebrities I didn’t get much engagement out of social media initially, but it was enough to keep me motivated to learn more about it. Fast forward to today I get vivid engagement, while my reach has grown to 30k followers in a year. Today whenever I speak on the topic of social, a question I often get in the Q&A is this:

What is an easy and quick way to grow my followers and engagement initially?